To put it nicely, I am a dreamer. Favorite days are spent sipping cups of chai, playing with my dog, Indiana, and wearing dresses with boots.

Minnesota Born, Parisian at heart. I graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelors in Theatre Arts and a minor in Business. I have lived in Texas, Florida, Minnesota, France and call California home. Acting brought me to the West Coast and led me to Photography.

I discovered a love for taking photos in my childhood where first subjects included my dog and beanie babies. Thanks to my wonderful Grandfather, traveling was a big part of growing up. At age 18 I had been to some 45 states, a dozen countries and Europe, twice. As a teenager I would keep and carry 35mm rolls of film in my bag along with a super mini polaroid. Once I went through a almost entire roll trying to get the best selfie- thankfully a phase I’ve grown out of!

I remember always wanting to capture the essence of the places I visited. I would go home and find just as much joy in my photos as in the trip itself. I am an artist by nature which has always allowed me to better see, create and capture stories in my photography.

Your Wedding Day is about all kinds of stories, from the lace and sparkly details that make up the day, to the warmth of your best friends smile by your side, the joy of the merging of families and the ultimate story of your love. Getting to work with you on your Wedding Day means much more to me than pointing and shooting a camera. It’s an honored responsibility that I never take lightly. Whether I’m shooting a live concert, a table setting illuminated by the sun, flowers from the garden, families together, foreign landscapes or a bride and groom, I am always seeking the story and discovering the most beautiful way to tell it through my lens.

It’s bliss.


teri b // destination wedding photographer // los angeles, san francisco + france